How to execute daqregister(‘nidaq’) without running MATLAB as administrator

Posted on May 6, 2015

In order to control NI devices with Data Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB, you first need to run MATLAB as administrator and execute the DAQREGISTER command. (See this.) However, running MATLAB as administrator is not possible, if you have to log in with a different username to be an administrator and your MATLAB activation type is Standalone Named User. MATLAB just won’t start when you switch to your admin account, because the Standalone Named User license does not allow anyone to use MATLAB but the licensed named user. You can bypass this problem by giving your non-admin MATLAB user write permission for the following two registry entries so that you can execute DAQREGISTER as a standard user. This was tested on 64-bit Windows 7 with MATLAB 2015a.


To change permissions for registry, you need to run REGEDIT as administrator. (Or open a command window as administrator and type REGEDIT.)